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The Federal Communications Commission of the USA approved the plan of SpaceX for launching the satellite Internet Starlink

The company should launch two thousand satellites in the next six years.

SpaceX received permission from the US Communications Commission to launch a network of 4,425 satellites to cover the Earth with the Internet. The company will have to launch half of them in the next six years.

The SpaceX project to build a network in low orbit was the first such idea approved by the US government. The company has already launched two of the planned 12,000 satellites. However, the Communications Commission demanded that SpaceX launch at least half of the four thousand communication satellites in the next six years.

SpaceX hopes that the Starlink project will become a great source of income, which will help pay back the costs of research and development of space vehicles and rocket boosters. According to WSJ forecasts , if by 2025 the project has at least 40 million paid subscribers, they will bring $ 30 billion each year.

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