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Telegram tests the storage of user personal data for the TON platform

We have long heard about the fact that Telegram is working on its own blocking platform TON. It was on it that the company collected as much as $ 1.7 billion from investors .

According to Vedomosti, the messenger has already started testing the personal data storage system Telegram Passport.

The service will collect data from passports, passports, driver’s licenses, certificates of bank and utility bills and other documents, including photos of users.

This information will be used to identify a person in the crypto-currency system and to use the services of the company’s partner services.


There is an important point . Access to the data will initially only be from the user, the information will be protected by two-factor authentication. Telegram will get access to this data only when the user himself agrees to transfer them.

The launch of Telegram Passport may take place this summer . Now he has access to Qiwi. The company is considering the possibility of a joint launch with Telegram.

“Virtual Passports” External Secure ID will be used to purchase the local Gram Crypto currency and pay for goods and services with it.

If you are interested in studying the full structure of the TON platform, please click on the link . It turns out good such an internal eco-system. Vedomosti ]

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