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Telegram: Telegram will still be blocked in Russia

Communications Minister Nikolai Nikiforov talked with reporters of “Arguments and Facts” on the topic of blocking Telegram in Russia. There are a couple of curious thoughts.

First, he noted that even despite the failure of Roskomnadzor, the court’s decision will sooner or later be fulfilled. And Telegram will be blocked in Russia .

The blockage occurred because of a refusal in cooperation with the FSB. But Telegram has entered the register of information distributors and is obliged to follow the law. It is noted that WhatsApp, Viber, Google, GMail, Twitter are still not included in this register .

As for the current time, now is the era of IP v4, but with IP v6, everything can become very complicated. Especially, blocking:

Today we are fighting in the zone of so-called IP-addresses of the 4th version, where their number is very limited. And there are IP-protocols of the 6th version, where the number of addresses is almost unlimited. When their era comes, the carpet blocking method, even mathematically, can lead us to a dead end.

The second point concerned random blocking of conscientious resources. On this occasion, Nikiforov also spoke. He claims that Russia passes this stage for the first time, “we are creating a precedent.” And no one prevents you from turning in support of Roskomnadzor with a request to unlock that other other resource, access to which you managed to lose in the course of mass blockages.

Nikiforov also believes that the US special services have long had access to all messengers:

If you believe the leaks that began with Snowden, illegal access to user information occurs just at the level of the mobile operating system.

There is a high probability that our foreign colleagues do not need any encryption keys, because they just see through and through – Telegram does not matter, WhatsApp or Viber. Countries that are not members of NATO do not have access to this information through the special services.

In any case, Telegram will be blocked sooner or later. To do this, you need to spend a certain amount of resources and time. Roskomnadzor will not stop anything.

There is only one question left: when? [A & F ]

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