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Spotify removed the songs of R Kelly and XXXTentacion from their playlists for “improper behavior”

You can still listen to rap songs, but you can not find recommendations in the recommendations.

R Kelly. Getty Photos
R Kelly. Getty Photos

On March 10, the music service Spotify announced changes in the policy of attitude to content and behavior that propagates hatred. The first “victims” of the new rules were popular musicians R Kelly and XXXTentacion: their tracks were removed from all official playlists, and the albums disappeared from the recommendations. The reason was the reluctance of the company to support performers whose behavior is contrary to the “Spotify values”.

In this case, all songs of rappers will remain in the service and playlists that users have created themselves. Therefore, Spotify does not consider the decision to manifest censorship – they say they simply refuse to promote musicians on their platform.

Over the past few years, R Kelly has been accused several times of sexual abuse of girls (including minors) and the creation of a “sex cult”. In 2018, against the three-time Grammy winner and songwriter I Believe I Can Fly ,the #MuteRKelly movement was organized : its participants called on radio stations and services to boycott the musician. A XXXTentacion was serving a prison sentence for beating his pregnant girl.

It is not known whether Spotify plans to take action against other performers. According to The New York Times, May 9th songs of XXXTentacion could be found in the most popular hip-hop playlist of the service. Representatives of musicians declined to comment.

Previously, similar measures were taken by other companies against comedian Louis C Kay, accused of obscene behavior. His concerts were removed from Netflix, and Disney recounted his character in the series “Gravity Falls”, released in 2015.

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