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Samara utility companies installed a pyramid in front of the debtor’s house with the inscriptions “You must” and “The debtor lives here”

The mass of the “reminder” is 3 tons

Photo of SCS
Photo of SCS

In the Zubchaninovka settlement, employees of Samara Utility Systems LLC installed a three-ton concrete pyramid near the private house of one of the defaulters as a measure to fight debts . The owner of the house owes 60 thousand rubles for water supply and water disposal.

The organization was assured that the pyramid will stand in front of the house until the debt is repaid, after which it will be transported to another location.

When the reminder – a three-ton concrete pyramid of 1.5 meters in height and width – took its shameful place in front of the debtor’s house, he instantly expressed his readiness to pay bills. Although previously none of the measures of pre-trial interaction did not help.

Press Service of Samara Utility Systems
To set reminders, a crane was used
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