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Rapper Dr. Dre lost the copyright lawsuit to a gynecologist under the pseudonym Dr Dray

The executor claimed that the names could be confused, but in three years he could not prove it

American rapper and producer Andre Young, known as Dr. Dre, lost athree-year trial of copyright infringement in his name. The reason for the dispute was the attempt of a gynecologist from Pennsylvania to register the trademark of Dr. Drai (Dr. Drai) for the sale of books – the musician claimed that similar aliases would confuse people.

Draion Burch is a practicing practitioner in the field of gynecology and obstetrics, the author of the book “20 things that you did not know about the vagina” and a public expert in the field of women’s health. In 2015, the doctor decided to release several audiobooks under the name of Dr. Dray and encountered a complaint from Dr Dre: the rapper’s lawyers demanded the annulment of the brand.

The rapper claimed that potential buyers of books might think that it was he who wrote them. Birch retorted that Dr. Dre is not a real doctor, and he has no right to provide medical services or sell goods in this area, so there will be no confusion.

In addition, Birch noted that he was not going to use Dr. Dre’s reputation because he had too homophobic and misogynistic lyrics.

On May 9, the US Patent and Trademark Office ruled in favor of the doctor. The commission recognized the similarity of pseudonyms, but for three years André Young was unable to convince experts that the activities of a gynecologist would lead to confusion.

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