“Paper covers a stone”: a St. Petersburg artist made a monument to the confrontation between Roskomnadzor and Telegram

“” Paper airplane, smeared on the asphalt official. ”

Photos Hioshi

The artist from St. Petersburg, Hioshi, installed a monument to the confrontation between Roskomnadzor and the telegram at the Arch of the General Staff near the Hermitage. He told about this.

The work is a paper airplane, which crushed the official. From under him a hand with a hatchet on which a symbol similar to the Roskomnadzor logo is displayed.

I wanted to portray the standoff between Roskomposor and Pavel Durov, I think that the “paper airplane”, smeared on the asphalt of an official with a stone ax in his hands, is the most accurate illustration of what has happened for the last three weeks.


The sculpture is called “Paper covers the stone”. It is made of hardboard, decorative concrete and ceramics. Its size is about 1.5 meters.

Playing in the “Scissors stone paper”, I always wondered which mechanics of winning the paper over the stone, with scissors – paper and stone everything is clear, but how can the paper win?

Thanks to the ILV, it is now clear to me: a paper airplane drops the reputation of the agency, smears their professional skills and wins the stone ax with which the ILV is trying to fight with this aircraft.

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