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Nutrition in the Japanese hospital (19 photos)

The patient of one of the hospitals in Japan, where he had an operation, shared photos of the food he was fed. All this is more like pictures from a restaurant than from a hospital. Do not believe, then we look ourselves.

The main dish for breakfast is pancakes.

This is how lunch looks.

So fed in the section, where patients recover from surgery.

The first procedure after the operation looks like this.

French toast for breakfast.

For lunch, pasta with seafood.



Breakfast in Japanese style.

Risotto for lunch.


And this is how patients are congratulated on their birthday (champagne non-alcoholic).

The main dish of the dinner is steak.

And finish it all with dessert.

Soup for breakfast.

Pork dish for lunch.


Graten from pasta to dinner.

Last breakfast.

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