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MTBank offered Belarusians to invest in bitcoins

MTBank opened the opportunity for Belarusians to invest in bitcoins through the MTBankFX banking forex platform. For work it is necessary to get a trading account and draw up a dollar card of the bank (if it is absent). To buy or sell bitcoins on the forex platform, the client can not – he performs an operation with a derivative instrument based on the futures contract bitcoin.

This is due to the requirements of the Belarusian legislation: the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus acts as a regulator, and the commercial bank is a counterpart. This should minimize the risks of loss of investment due to the unfair work of the stock exchange or broker.

The minimum size of transactions is 0.2 bitcoins, and the standard commission will be 0.018% of the transaction amount. If the client performs transactions actively, the commission is reduced to 0.012%, that is, with an increase in turnover, you can save up to 30% on the commission.

MTBank promises to deposit and withdraw funds to the card of the bank without commissions, as well as exemption from taxes until 2019.

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