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Move over, Musk. “Roscosmos” is going to create a global satellite Internet

Roskosmos state corporation plans to shortly conduct a presentation of its project to create a global satellite Internet. “It will be presented the project to create a national system covering the territory of the Earth’s high-speed access to the Internet and ensure continuous communication channel for unmanned transport, the Internet of things and secure data transfer”, – said in the state-owned corporation website.

For the implementation of the Global Multifunctional Information Satellite System, which will be able to provide both Internet access and cellular communications, in 2017 it planned to spend 299 billion Russian rubles, which is currently equivalent to $ 4.74 billion. This money can be disbursed until 2020.

In February of this year, Elon Musk sent the first experimental satellites to orbit for his project to create a satellite Internet Starlink.

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