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Microsoft introduced the limited edition Xbox One X in the style of “Black Panther”

In total, five such consoles will be played.

In honor of the release on May 15 of the film “Black Panther” on Blu-Ray and digital services, Microsoft worked on a special version of its console Xbox One X.

The device and both included in the set controller are made in the style of the picture with the image of two versions of the masks of the Black Panther. In the film, they were worn by the protagonist, King T’Challa, and his cousin Killmonger, who seized power in Wakanda. Also on the console are two necklaces, from which costumes appeared, and various ornaments.

On the console itself and controllers, you can see the official logo of the movie. In total, only five copies of devices in this style were created, which will be raffled between the participants of the action from the USA and Canada on a special website . Winners will also receive a copy of the picture on Blu-Ray in 4K resolution.

The Black Panther appeared on the screens in February and became one of the most successful pictures of the Marvel Cinema, collecting nearly $ 694 million in home rentals. This allowed the tape to take the third place in the rating of the highest-grossing films of the USA. Throughout the world, the film has already collectedalmost 1.34 billion dollars.

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