Jonathan Ive told how the idea of ​​Apple Watch appeared

Chief designer Apple Joni Ive in a recent interview with Hodinkee told the details of the creation of smart watches Apple Watch. The device began to be made only in early 2012, after the death of Steve Jobs.

According to Aiv, the company took time to gather its thoughts after the death of the founder of Apple and determine the direction of work. Especially the designer is proud of the wheel of Digital Crown – he calls the element a fantastic solution when page scrolling, and at the same time it allowed to introduce an additional button for various functions.

As an inspiration for the design of Apple Watch, the team studied the classic models of wristwatches and delved into the history of the advent of chronometers.

Joni Ive made an analogy between watches and computers: earlier the clock was located on the towers, then they became more compact and they were used in homes – but often they were not placed in every room, but one device for all dwellings, just like computers in the eighties. Then the clock moved to the wrists, so that people are always aware of the time – the same thing, in fact, happened with intelligent electronics.

Jonathan Ive told Hodinkee magazine about the development of Apple Watch.

According to the leading designer, the release of Apple Watch in the company was thought after the death of Steve Jobs. Preparation began a few years before the launch of the smart clock on the market.

A few months after Steve left, in early 2012, the company began to discuss a new category of devices. It took us a while to understand exactly how we will develop this product and what we want to come to.

The idea of ​​a smart watch was to create a “logical and affordable” device.

To develop their first hours, Apple appealed to experts in this field. It was important to understand the “physical nature” of the product.

Initially, the clock was installed exclusively on city towers. Then they moved to the house, but at first they did not appear in every room. Later – in his pocket, and only then got to the wrist.

By the development of Apple Watch in 2014, added another talented designer Mark Newson. Ive calls him a best friend and appreciates the “special experience” of the world-famous designer.

The first watch that Jonathan bought was the Omega Speedmaster, and most of all it is admired by Patek Philippe Nautilius. The price of the last starts from $ 25 000. 9to5 ]

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