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In Ukraine, approved the official brand of the country, developed by the authors of the branding of Eurovision-2017

On May 10, at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, the new official brand of the country, Ukraine NOW, was developed, which was developed by the agency Banda Agency, and the customer was the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine.

On the page dedicated to the brand it is reported that this is the first such project for 27 years of independence and its development took 9 months.

When creating the brand focused on a foreign target audience, therefore attracted 6 focus groups from the UK, Germany and Poland. They were shown several early concepts, after which the work was continued by Ukrainian creative workers.

It is expected that the new brand will be actively used in outdoor advertising to attract investors and tourists to the country.

Earlier, Banda Agency developed a brand for the Eurovision Song Contest-2017, which was held in Kiev.

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