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In India, the father and son in foil suits deceived businessmen, offering to invest in devices for the sale of NASA

But they were discovered.

Delhi police photo
Delhi police photo

In Delhi, they arrested a father and son who claimed that they were building equipment for the sale of NASA for 375 billion rupees (about 5 billion dollars).

The law enforcement agency was approached by a businessman who suspected something wrong after the cancellation of several tests of new equipment due to “bad weather.” He went to the police and told him that he gave the fraudsters more than 200 thousand dollars.

According to police, 56-year-old Virender Mohan Brar (Virender Mohan Brar) and 30-year-old Nitin Mohan Brar (Nitin Mohan Brar) deceived about 30 people from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Delhi police officer Alok Kumar (Alikh Kumar) said that during the detention, men were dressed in aluminum foil suits. They also had a laptop, printer, forged identity cards, a foreign checkbook, they were driving an Audi car.

The detainees told the victims that they had developed a device that would help produce electricity from flashes of lightning and thunder. He allegedly had to sell to NASA through the Organization for Defense Research and Development of India. According to police, the product was a “copper plate protecting from radiation a suit and protective anti-radiation stickers.”

The device, according to the scammers, was created on the basis of “rare copper”, in which lightning struck, so it could “magnetize the rice.”

Detainees took a copper plate or other copper utensils, covered it with a liquid magnet and then mixed boiled rice with metal particles. To deceive the victim, they threw rice at the magnetized copper utensils.

Alok Kumar

The Sobors also attracted actors who acted as employees of the Organization for Defense Research and Development to convince buyers that the goods are genuine. For this actor received a salary of 20 thousand rupees (about 300 dollars).

Another businessman, Narender Saini (Narender Saini), said that he met with Virender several years ago. He said that the company will sell the “magnetizer of rice” of NASA after the construction, and urged Saini to invest money.

Virender said that Saini will receive 100 million rupees (about $ 1.5 million) if the testing of equipment is successful. They signed an agreement and the businessman paid him 8.7 million rupees (about $ 130,000) for “anti-radiation suits,” which scientists supposedly had to wear for testing. Saini was also taken to the office to prove that he was not being deceived.

Tests were to be held in the city of Hapur, but they could not be completed, because the place was “inappropriate”.

The police told us that the Burrs rented housing in New Delhi for 60,000 rupees a month, they had seven offices in Delhi. They moved on luxury cars and they had two armed guards who received a salary of 35 thousand rupees. In addition, men were fluent in English, which is why “the majority could not suspect them of fraud.”

Earlier, men were detained for selling snakes for 17 million rupees (about 25 thousand dollars). They claimed that the snakes were rare and had healing properties. Later they were released on bail. In the 1990’s, Virender had a workshop in which his son helped him. Because of financial problems, they began to deceive people by selling them “rare” items such as a magic mirror and two-headed snakes.

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