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For what the Egyptians are so fond of football player Mohammed Salah (5 photos)

Egyptian footballer Mohammed Salah, who plays at the position of the attacker for the club “Liverpool” and the national team of Egypt, has long become a national hero in his homeland. 25-year-old player, who became the best player in Africa and the Premier League, deserves respect not only for his sports achievements, but also for his support to his native country, for which he loves and respects the entire population.

Salah was born and grew up in the village of Nahrig, near Alexandria. He started playing football at the age of 7. To play it was necessary the self-made ball which children did from old socks and rags. Everything changed when Salah was 14 years old and was noticed by the scouts of the Cairo club “Erab Contractors” at the school tournament. After that, he concluded his first contract and began to travel to training in Cairo. The trip took four hours and it was necessary to get on three buses, which is why the boy often had problems with his studies. But all this was rewarded with success. At the age of 19 he began to play for the national team of Egypt, and in 2012 he moved to Switzerland.

Mohammed spends a lot of money on the development of his village. He not only transfers money, but also built a sports hall, a football field and a school under his personal control. At the moment, a youth center is being built there. He often happens in the village and gives gifts to local children, and he helps young people to contract marriages, paying their weddings.

Salah helped maintain the stability of the Egyptian pound, one of the first to transfer the state currency to support it. In addition, he spends money to support the Association of football veterans of Egypt and low-income families.

With the name of this football player, there are a lot of wonderful stories that say that money did not change him at all. In 2017, his father’s apartment was robbed, a few days later the thief was found. Father Mohammed sued, but his son persuaded him to withdraw the lawsuit. He helped the thief financially and found work for him to give him a second chance. He even refused the pitchfork that he offered to give Egyptian businessman Mamdouh Abbas, after the Egyptian team reached the World Cup 2018. Salah asked him to transfer this money to the development of his village.

According to the Egyptians, Mohammed Salah unites not only the population of Egypt, but the entire Middle East, as it is loved in neighboring countries.

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