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Deadpool apologized to David Beckham for a joke from his film

And he asked not to “spoil” the sequel, mocking the “Avengers”.

The promotional video of “Deadpool 2” was dedicated to a joke from the first film, for which the hero has to apologize to football player David Beckham.

In the first film, an immortal mercenary in an attempt to prove to blind old woman Al that appearance is the main thing, says to her: “Did you hear Beckham speaking? It was like sucking helium from a bottle. ”

The footballer harbored a grudge against him, and Deadpool tries to apologize to him. But he is not helped by balloons or Mexican musicians.

Two still tolerate it only after the hero gives Beckham tickets to the World Cup with the words: “I can not wait to watch Italy play with the Netherlands.”

But then the footballer says that Deadpool should ask him for forgiveness for the films with Ryan Reynolds, including “Green Lantern” and the third “Blade”. The same is indignant when he heard that Beckham did not like the “masterpiece” comedy horror “They were changed by their brains”.

The day before Reynolds published an open letter to the audience in social networks, a parody request from the directors of the third “Avengers” did not “spoil” the film to others.

Paraphrasing the original letter, he turned to “the best fans in the whole universe” on behalf of Deadpool, asking them not to say a word about the funny moments of the film.

Only a limited number of people know the real plot of the film. And Ryan Reynolds is not one of them.

We ask you, when you look at “Deadpool 2”, even, *****, do not think of hinting at all the ridiculous garbage that will be in the film. Because it would be very shit if someone “prospoylerit” Death Deadpool. Joke. Not really. Or a joke?

From Deadpool’s open letter to the audience
Later, the Rousseau brothers, the directors of the Avengers, responded to Reynolds.

“Deadpool 2” will be released in the Russian rolling on May 17.

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