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Days Gone will work at 30 frames per second on the regular and Pro-version PS4

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Developers from Bend Studio told what to expect from their upcoming game about the zombie apocalypse Days Gone. They shared details about the mechanics of the game, the technical component and the lore.

  • During the game, users will only manage the main character of Deacon St. John – you can not switch to other characters.
  • Customize the appearance of the Deacon is also impossible, but sometimes the hero independently turns the peak of the cap back or forward. Also, journalists noted that in the game the character has a model with a bare torso – apparently in some episodes he will be without outerwear.
  • Creative director John Garvin said that Deacon knows how to swim, but will not do it. This is somehow connected with the plot. Part of the world of Days Gone is flooded, so the press suggested that the virus can spread through the water.
  • The motorcycle will need to be repaired, but the wheels will never be released.
  • Motorcycle can not be put on wheels or carry weight on the front wheel, however, there will be jumps and springboards in the game.
  • The game works at 30 frames per second on the regular PS4 and PS4 Pro. Improvements for the Pro version are limited to supporting the “chess” 4K.
  • Days Gone provides a dynamic weather change.
  • The game is divided into chapters, in which there are large scripted fragments.

Also the creative director of Days Gone spoke about the main elements of the game process, the system of customizing the motorcycle and the skills of the protagonist. The main story campaign will take 30 hours, and the developers themselves want to create a sense of constant danger for players.

The release is scheduled for 2019.

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