Architectural bureaus showed the concepts of “Heavenly Ports” Uber

Several architectural bureaus showed their concepts of “Sky Ports” (Skyport), which will receive and send passengers using Uber flying cabs. Projects look at least futuristic, but, probably, can be implemented with the use of existing construction technologies.

As part of the assignment, the architects had to think through designs capable of serving up to 4,000 passengers per hour. At the same time, the total occupied area of ​​the structure should not exceed three acres (on the surface), it is also important to ensure that the noise level is not higher than permissible and take into account other aspects of the impact on the environment.

Skyport should ensure the charging of aircraft that will operate on electric traction, without prejudice to nearby areas.

Many projects are designed “for the future”, since full-fledged transportation of passengers by such vehicles will not start soon.

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