Apple will allow to use a dual camera in a new way

With the advent of dual cameras in iPhones, the quality of mobile photography has improved significantly. But despite the fact that the received pictures have become much better, users do not have the opportunity to manage the lenses installed in the camera module separately.

It seems that Apple plans to fix it. The company has registered a patent, which describes the principle of the sensor, in which it is possible to simultaneously capture the image from both one and the other lens.

In fact, the company has patented the user interface of the digital viewfinder to work with multiple cameras.

According to the idea, on the iPhone screen it will be possible to view the image in real time from two cameras at once. Evaluating how the picture looks better (from a TV or a normal sensor), the user will be able to obtain a picture from only one of the sensors.

In the same mode, it will be possible to independently scale each of the cameras, and then to receive at once two pictures taken from different angles.

Alas, this is only a patent application and it is certainly not worth waiting for such an innovation this year. AI ]

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