Add a bank card to your iPhone so you do not enter it on sites

If you often make purchases on the network and pay directly from the iPhone, chances are you’ve already bothered to manually enter your bank card data dozens of times.

IOS has a convenient mechanism for auto-complete forms, which is useful in this case. It is necessary to add a debit or credit one time for payments, and in the future the system will fill in the form of payment and make the requisites.

How to setup

1. Go to the Settings menu – Safari – AutoComplete – Saved credit cards .

2. Confirm the input using the Touch ID or Face ID.

3. Select Add a credit card .

4. You can scan the card using your smartphone’s camera.

5. It will only check the data and confirm the saving of the card for payment.

Now when the form for filling the map in the browser appears, iPhone will ask to go through the identification of the Touch ID / Face ID and after that will enter the saved data.

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