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ZTE suddenly died. Smartphones will not be

In the middle of last month, the US banned US companies from supplying parts for ZTE until 2025. This applies to the processors used in the company’s smartphones, and even Google services.

In early May, US heads banned the sale of ZTE equipment to the US military because of a certain risk.

As a result of the ban, the main operational activities of the company were terminated.

Against this background, the company stopped selling its devices for an indefinite period. All smartphones were withdrawn from sale on Taobao from Alibaba Group, and ZTE online store was closed.

Nikkei Asian Review reports that some Chinese operators continue to sell ZTE smartphones, but there are very few of them left. Production stopped.

Apparently, the company has lost access to part of its supply chain, based in the United States. The list of American developments includes chips Snapdragon from Qualcomm, as well as a license that allows you to install Android.

That’s just one ban on the supply of components is able to hit both the reputation and the activities of a commercial company. PhoneArena ]

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