Uber signed an agreement with NASA on a flying taxi

The launch is scheduled for 2020, and by 2023 – a full-fledged start for customers.

Modeling the launch of flying taxis in Texas. Photos of Uber
NASA and Uber will work together to create a manned flying taxi. As Bloomberg writes referring to the statement of the company, the agency intends to help with the development of aircraft for large cities and the delivery of goods.

The representative of NASA in his statement noted that the air traffic around the city “will lead to a revolution of how people move and carry goods,” he also compared this with how humanity changed smartphones.

In November 2017, Uber first showed the work of a flying taxi: it will rise to a height of 600 meters and deliver customers in 5-10 minutes. By 2020, testing will begin in Los Angeles, and by 2023 the company will begin shipping the first customers.

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