Uber showed the work of a flying taxi: the launch is scheduled for 2020

Taxi will fly from the skyscraper to the skyscraper, and to the house of passengers will drive an ordinary car.

The company Uber showed a video with the concept of a flying taxi. Judging by the clip, it can be called up using the application for ordering a car.

After the call, the passenger should climb to the roof of one of the skyscrapers, where there are special areas for flying taxis, and go through for landing, attaching the smartphone to the reader on the turnstile. All the passengers will be accompanied by the company’s employees.

Uber Product Director Jeff Holden announced that the company added a third city to test a taxi in 2020 – Los Angeles joined Dallas and Dubai.

He also noted that the company entered into an agreement with NASA to create a new system for controlling air movement, including for autonomous vehicles.

The company introduced the concept of a flying taxi in 2016, but the vehicles themselves are not yet ready. In April 2017, the company announced that demonstration flights will begin in 2020, and a full launch in three years.

The head of Tesla Ilon Mask in an interview with Bloomberg said that there is a risk that the “flying taxi” will fall and kill someone. Holden called the words Mask “a spontaneous and accidental statement.”

We have studied this concept and are confident that it will become an alternative to [conventional machines]. We have done a great job and we can build parking lots and reach several thousand flights per day.

Jeff Holden
Product Director Uber
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