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Telegram will launch a service for storing user personal data for the TON block-platform

The company will refuse anonymity in favor of cooperation with large services and shops.

Telegram created the first service for the TON (Telegram Open Network) storage platform for storing personal data called Telegram Passport. As the sources of Vedomosti reported , customers will upload documents, passport details and details in order to pay with the crypto currency.

The company of Pavel Durov wants to abandon the anonymity of blocking operations: documents will be encrypted, including for Telegram, and protected by two-factor authentication. The client will be able to open the partner services access to documents, and they – to verify the reliability of the data.

Vedomosti gained access to Telegram Passport and learned that it is possible to place a passport, passport, driver’s license, utility bills, bank accounts and a photograph. It is not known what data will be required.

In fact, TON will become an eco-system, within which it will be possible to pay for goods and services using the Gram crypto currency. To protect against prohibitions of regulators and banks, Telegram will refuse anonymity in favor of partnership with large services. Among the partners known to Vedomosti are Qiwi payment system, which did not give official comments.

Back in January, the media learned that within TON they were implementing a system of “virtual passports” called External Secure ID. Then it was said that documents are needed only for account verification, and encryption is based on end encryption with the key.

There were no official statements from the company or Pavel Durov, but scammers have already started sending out false invitations to participate in the project.

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