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Scammers began to send out false invitations from the Telegram blockbuster

They offered to buy 30 thousand tokens for 5 thousand dollars.

Several Telegram users received false invitations from the creators of the Telegram Open Network (TON) system. This was reported by the Telegram-channel ” Karaulny ” and the publication ” Code of Durov “.

The report of the scammers indicates that they represent the management of the TON project and offer “to become one of the first” who will buy Gram tokens.

Screenshot messages from scammers
Screenshot messages from scammers

The site for the fake TON specifies the process of preliminary sale of the tokens: ostensibly before February 1, 2018, it is necessary to collect $ 30 million to launch the crypto currency. The minimum amount of 5 thousand dollars is installed on 30 thousand Gram tokens.

Photo from the site of the fake block-system Telegram
Photo from the site of the fake block-system Telegram

The “Team” tab on the fake TON website published a fragment of the draft White Paper documentation, which was previously published by themedia.

As the leader of the Telegram-channel “Cybersecurity and Co.” Alexander Litreev drew attention to, the site of the fake TON was made in the designer of WIX sites.

In early January, the media told about plans Telegram to launch its own block system and the crypto currency by March 2018. So far there have been no official statements from the company or Pavel Durov.

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