Racers of Formula-1 rolled on Niva in Azerbaijan (7 photos + video)

On the eve of stage F1 of the Azerbaijani Grand Prix, which will be held on April 29, Red Bull Racing team pilots visited the Gobustan archeological reserve, located several dozen kilometers south of Baku.

The news would hardly be worth attention if not for one circumstance: riders Daniel Riccardo and Max Verstappen drove around the territory of the reserve Lada 4×4 (Niva). Machines for this occasion, painted in the brand livery team.

“My other car is RB14”, – the organizers of the promotion posted such a sticker on the back door of the Niva.

Recall that the RB-14 – this is the Formula Bolid “Red Bull” in 2018.

Another inscription, located on the rear window, reads: “How do I drive? Call Christian at 555-2368. ”

This refers to the head of the Red Bull Racing Christian Horner.

This is not the first time when the drivers of Formula 1 sit behind the wheel of a Russian car. In 1986, the legendary Brazilian racer Ayrton Senna drove to the VAZ-2101 on the Hungaroring route on the eve of the Hungarian Grand Prix, and in 2013 the 2009 World Champion Jenson Button swept the VAZ-2103 (which is also characteristic in Hungary).

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