Public: Traveled Covers

The most large-scale crossover

At the end of 2015, VKontakte published a public release of “Traveled Covers”: its authors publish original and funny covers of science fiction “category B”, modern literature and just books with an absurd title. On the pages of these works are placed actors, characters from games and other books, creating a farce on the shelves of the great and Russian. During the existence of the community three times received the mark ” Prometheus “. I talked to one of the admins of “Riding Covers” – Dmitry Sergeyev.

Dmitry said that the public appeared in November 2015. It was created by Alina Nikulina: “A few months later she had to abandon him because of a catastrophic lack of time, and the group was dead for some time. I somehow came across it and offered my help, because I thought that such a wonderful idea should live. ”

Currently, most of the published covers are sent by subscribers. And a couple of years ago, when we first started, we were simply looking for sections with domestic fairy-tale and science fiction on sites-libraries and online stores. There, almost every second cover seems to have been created for our group.

Dmitry Sergeev
administrator of “Leaving covers”
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