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Photo: WOW Veterans in Kiev

Instead of military posters, participants came with images of their favorite online game characters.

The recently organized “Democratic Horde” party held an action “WOW Veterans”, parallel to the “Immortal Regiment” march in Kiev. The action is similar to last year, which was held in Zaporozhye – “The Immortal Wolf”. Then the inhabitants of the city honored the memory of those who died in the Battle of Chernovodnaya and at the Red Wedding.

This time, the people of Kiev remembered Silvan Windrunner, who died heroically in the battle with Arthas, Wol’Jin and Kern Bloodhuff, Grom Hellscream and his son Garrosh, characters of the online game World of Warcraft.


Organizers from the Democratic Horde noted that the goal of the action is “to destroy the next draft of Russian propaganda, turn it into a farce and not allow the Kremlin provocation to become successful.”

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