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Mining instead of membership fees, focus on youth and the Horde of WOW: in Ukraine, a new political party

“Democratic Horde” is going to fight populism and wants to repeat the success of “The Best Party of Iceland”.

One of the artifacts of the “Demord”
The organizers described their difference from classical Ukrainian parties in three points:
  • Financial independence from oligarchs: instead of membership fees, anyone can help the party. To do this, it’s enough to install a miner on your PC, which will drop the crypto currency into the “Demand” purse. The user himself determines the time of mining: during working hours, the PC will not be loaded.
  • Orientation to the younger generation. Traditionally passive politically in the post-Soviet countries, the generation of young people simply does not feel the representation of their interests in the Ukrainian parliament. Populist pre-election programs of ordinary parties are reduced to slogans “Fight corruption and raise pensions.” As a result, the average age of Ukrainian voters exceeds 30 years. Demand hopes to fix this by presenting a program that will be of interest primarily to young people.
  • Right-liberal ideology. Usually Ukrainian political parties are built not on an ideological basis, but on the principle of a leader. People vote in parliamentary elections not for political views and the program, but for the first couple of numbers on the party list. The democratic horde will radically differ from similar leaders-oriented societies

The organizers included well-known Ukrainian publicists, bloggers and businessmen. Yuri Gudymenko, a blogger and member of the Demordi Orchestra, briefly described the reasons for creating a new political force:

I ******** (tired) look in the news on the leader of the faction that kisses the cow, and on political experts who are seriously discussing why he did it and how many percent his rating will rise from this.

I ******** (tired) understand that most of the issues of politics vital for the future of our country can not raise and do not want, because they are guided by the votes of pensioners who persistently go to the elections, and as a result we have a policy , turned into the past, and not into the future.

I ******** (tired) clutching at my head every time a regular populist bill is adopted, and a dozen really important are just fucked up, because “well, you know, right there the next day the rally will gather, and I have a district! .. ”

I ******** (tired) do not hear about the legalization of everything and everything, but to see this the most “everything and everything” on every corner under a secure roof, supported by black cash. Yes, I remember that prostitution, the sale of cannabis and gambling are prohibited in our country. Praise be to Allah that these prohibitions work reliably, aha.

I’m just tired) .

Therefore, we made the “Democratic Horde”.

Therefore, we – and I – will pull for all those topics about which the rest are silent. For the legalization of prostitution, light drugs, short-barrels, the land market, same-sex unions, gambling and everything else that does not harm the state, but can fill its budget.

Therefore, we will not collect money from the oligarchs, but will mend them on your computers.

Therefore, we will burn with napalm, and around will be fire and burnt rags, and we will laugh.

Therefore, we are walking along the road of the“Best Party of Iceland”, which disguised serious ideas with humor and satire, came to power with their help, won elections in the capital and placed its mayor, and changed both Iceland and, to a certain extent, the whole world.

That’s why we’re going.

Give it to me. Do not switch the channel.

In the name of the Horde.

Yury Gudymenko
The first demon horseman

You can see the full program of the party on its website . At the upcoming 2019 elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Orda plans to gain access to 5%

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