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Engineers Houston Mechatronics from Texas invented a device capable of combining two types of existing underwater robots . The Aquanaut universal aquarobot will go on sale in 2019.

In the modern world there are two kinds of underwater robots . The first type refers to devices that are able to autonomously navigate and collect data. The second is controlled by a person at a distance in real time, the performance of tasks is clearly controlled.

Developers from the American company Houston Mechatronics managed to combine the functional features of both kinds of underwater devices in one robot.

At the moment, the invention, called Aquanaut, is in the final stages of development, testing and improvement, but its future characteristics are already known. The weight of a unique underwater robot is 1050 kg. It is protected by a streamlined body and is equipped with two powerful rear engines. Aquanaut is capable of speeding up to 7 knots, it can be launched from the shore as well as from any object on the water.



The device has two modes – “Journey” and “Worker”. In the first case, Aquanaut operates autonomously and is able to cover a distance of more than 200 km at a time. For this purpose, the device is equipped with a battery, the capacity of which is 30 kW / h. In an independent mode, it can probe the space optically, acoustically and geochemically.

The operating mode is activated when the robot arrives at the destination. In it, the device is able to use additional power – vector motors, a movable electromanipulator, built-in container for cargo. An additional feature of the robot Aquanaut is the ability to hang in one place. This function will be useful when probing large stationary objects under water.



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