Google started checking the burnout of Pixel 2 displays

However, the company did not confirm the problem with the OLED-screen.


Buyers of Pixel 2 reported problems with the screen: due to the burnout of the display in gray, the interface buttons become visible. Google only indirectly acknowledged the problem and announced the beginning of verification.

The author of the publication Android Central, who published a photo of the burnt screen of Pixel 2 after a week of use for about three hours a day, described the problem. According to him, if you open the picture in gray, then the display shows the interface buttons and snippets of notifications. He noted that this happens with OLED-displays, but, as a rule, after several months of use.

Google said that in Pixel 2 installed displays with technology POLED, which pass quality control, but added that they were investigating reports of problems. The company did not specify what kind of complaints about the smartphone are being checked.

The author of the blog 9to5Google confirmed the problem with the screen of another Pixel 2, which he used about 10 days. According to him, on his smartphone only a few appear the navigation buttons, if you open the picture with a gray background. The blog posted images with a different color, so that users can independently check the status of the displays.

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