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Durov told about his investment in bitcoins in 2013

The founder of Telegram also announced the opening of an office in Dubai, telling about the advantages and disadvantages of the UAE.

Pavel Durov in an interview with Bloomberg said that “about four years ago” acquired 2 thousand bitcoins at a price of $ 750 – the entire purchase cost him $ 1.5 million.

According to CoinDesk, by December 12, 2017, bitcoin costs 16,600 dollars. According to Bloomberg, now the amount of 2 thousand would have cost more than 35 million dollars. However, it is not known whether Durov sold his bitcoins or continues to keep them.

Updated (December 13): Pavel Durov confirmed to that he did not sell the purchased bitcoins.

In conversation with the publication, the founder of VKontakte and Telegram noted that he was optimistic about bitcoin, and called it “digital gold.” He also stressed that the blocking community is now concentrated in his messenger.

Durov admitted that in 2014, after being fired from the post of general director of VKontakte, he left Russia with 2 thousand bitcoins and 300 million dollars. He recalled that since then he invested in St. Kitts and Nevis, which gave him the passport of a citizen of the state (for this, the country needs to invest at least $ 300,000).

Creator Telegram also announced the opening of an office in Dubai – on the 23rd floor of one of the towers of Dubai Media City opposite the bulk of the island of Palm Jumeirah.

Durov explained his choice of tax-free zone, which corresponds to the “principle of non-interference” (Laissez-faire). Prior to that, Telegram’s permanent office was not reported, but the company has a legal address in London, and, according to the testimony of the former Telegraph employee Anton Rosenberg, part of the messenger’s team works from the St. Petersburg office in Singer’s home.

Many people in the West do not understand how taxes limit their opportunities. You can pay almost half of your income in taxes, which actually means that you work for the government 180 days a year. I think I can find the best way to spend the money earned for the benefit of society.

Pavel Durov

Bloomberg noted that there is another side to life in the United Arab Emirates – religious and conservative. Durov explained that this does not affect him.

If I were gay, for example, I would be [In the UAE] a little more complicated. Or if I had to constantly drink alcohol – or eat pork.

Pavel Durov

In August, Durov already talked about the attitude to bitcoin, calling it the chance of the world financial system “to get out of the hegemony of the United States” for the first time in 70 years. He criticized the desire of Russian officials to limit the purchase of crypto currency and called for recognition of its status.

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