Apple removes applications that steal GPS data from users

Over the past few days, developers have noticed that App Store censors delete applications that send data about the location of users to third parties. After the removal, Apple indicates a violation of the two policy items of the store.

Paragraph 5.1.1 and paragraph 5.1.2. The

application transmits the location of the user to third parties without the explicit consent of the user.

As a solution to the conflict, Apple suggests removing any code and frameworks that violate user rights. After that, you can re-publish in the App Store.

In addition to the fact that Apple requires developers to warn users during the georeference sling and the collection of location data, application owners are required to provide detailed information about the use of such data.

Developers are required to provide information about how and where the data will be used.

Any data collected from the application can not be used by third parties for purposes not related to improving the user interface or increasing the productivity of the software.

On the two above items, Apple has organized a massive sweep of the App Store. 9to5 ]

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