Apple fixed the problem of the iPhone X on the cold in the update of iOS 11

Users complained that the display stopped responding to touch.

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November 17, Apple released an update to iOS 11.1.2 for the iPhone and iPad, which, among other things, corrected the problem of a new flagship when working at sub-zero temperatures. About two weeks ago several iPhone owners told us about the problems.

The new version has two short fixes: the display works in the cold and the distortion of Live Photos on new iPhones. As the owners of the iPhone X told , the phone stopped responding to touching at minus temperatures or the transition from heat to cold. This was said by users from the US, UK and Russia.

Apple acknowledged the mistake and added that the defect will be corrected with the iOS update. “After a few seconds, the device was completely restored,” the company noted. It is unclear why the problem is with the software, not with the display device.

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