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Dmitri Pavlenok is the first Russian paratrooper who will try to set a world record for an autonomous immersion for an athlete with four amputations. To do this, he uses equipment created with 3D printing .

Now the current world record of depth is 33 meters. It belongs to the French diver Philip Croazon, who dived in a special basin. The Russian paratrooper will do it on the high seas, raising the bar of the world record to 40 meters. The results are recorded by representatives of Ehandicap World Records, an organization that tracks the achievements of athletes with disabilities in non-Olympic sports. The project “Storm of the depth” was launched on May 7 on the Red Sea (Egypt), the final is scheduled for 9th.

Directly for Dmitry Pavlenko engineers of the Moscow Polytechnic University created a special lever that can be used without the help of hands. The device was printed on a 3D printer . To implement the project, Polytech announced a competition among students and young engineers, two were selected from all the proposed options.

Each of the levers was printed in duplicate. The first – on a 3D printer at the university, using the ASB-plastic, the second – on the printer of the company Anisoprint of reinforced polymer. Both designs underwent practical tests at depth, the most reliable was a reinforced lever. The device was tested by the athlete himself during training dives in the open sea.

Anisoprint printing technology: in the process, a reinforcing fiber is gradually and continuously mixed into the polymer mixture, which forms a carbon fiber material. The products printed from it are several times stronger than polymers, as well as aluminum. In this case, they weigh relatively little (several times lighter than most metals, particularly steel).

Now the lever of the buoyancy system will help the paratlete Dmitry Pavlenko set a new world record , and in the future representatives of the Moscow Polytechnic University will solve the issue of commercialization of the device.



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