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Who will be in the new government of Medvedev

Mutko responsible for the construction and defense industry remained without Rogozin.

On May 7, after assuming the presidency, Vladimir Putin proposed Dmitry Medvedev to the post of prime minister and dissolved the government. Medvedev began to form a new government, offering officials to the seats of federal ministers. While acting prime minister announced the list of vice-premiers, that is, their direct deputies.

monitors the appointments to the seats in the government and complements the material as new names appear.

  • Vitaly Mutko: before – vice-premier for culture and sport, now – vice-premier for construction;
  • Olga Golodets: formerly vice-premier for social policy, now vice-premier for culture and sport;
  • Anton Siluanov: formerly Minister of Finance, now – Deputy Medvedev (First Deputy Prime Minister);
  • Konstantin Chuichenko: before – the head of the presidential control department, now – the head of the government apparatus;
  • Dmitry Kozak: formerly – Deputy Prime Minister for Crimean Affairs, now – Deputy Prime Minister for Industry;
  • Yuri Borisov: before – Deputy Defense Minister, now – Deputy Prime Minister for the defense industry complex;
  • Alexei Gordeev: before – the presidential envoy in the central federal district, now – vice premier for the agro-industrial complex.

Who is not on the list of Medvedev from the past of the government:

  • Dmitry Rogozin: before – Deputy Medvedev and Deputy Prime Minister for the defense industry;
  • Igor Shuvalov: before – the vice-premier, who fell into a scandal after FBK’s investigation that he spends 40 million rubles a year on the transportation of dogs;
  • Arkady Dvorkovich: formerly – Deputy Prime Minister and Adviser to the President;
  • Sergei Prikhodko: before – the vice-premier, mentioned in the video FBK for relations with the oligarch Oleg Deripaska;
  • Alexander Khloponin: before – Deputy Prime Minister, indicated in the FBK investigation of the sale of a villa in Italy for 35 million euros;
  • Yuri Trutnev: before – Vice Prime Minister and presidential representative in the Far Eastern Federal District.
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