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Violence, racism and execution of the church choir: how the clip of actor and rapper Donald Glover became “the new anthem of the USA”

The media analyze the video “This Is America” ​​on purpose in search of references, and in social networks make memes out of it.

Donald Glover – American stendap-comedian and actor, known for the series “Community” and the film “The Martian”. He is also the creator, screenwriter and performer of the lead role in the series “Atlanta”, which was highly appreciated bycritics. In addition to his acting career, Glover deals with music under the pseudonym Childish Gambino: in 2018 he received a Grammy for “Best Traditional R & B Performance.”

On May 5, the artist released a video for the song “This Is America”, which has already been called “the new US national anthem”: in the video, the dances and lines “We just want a party” are replaced by scenes of shooting innocent people and the church choir, showing police inaction and bias towards the blacks . All this – under the words “This is America.”


Media drew attention to the musician Calvin The Second, playing the guitar at the beginning of the clip, looks very similar to his father Trayvon Martin – a black teenager who was shot in 2012 as a volunteer patrol during bypass area. While Glover is dancing, the musician lays off his guitar and puts a bag on his head, after which Childish Gambino shoots him in the back of the head.

Before the murder, he gets the pose of a cartoon character about Jim Crowe – this image was used in American pop culture to ridicule black people. The laws on racial segregation in the United States, which existed until the middle of the 20th century, were called “The Laws of Jim Crow.”\

In the clip for the song “This Is America” ​​there are many dances: both traditional African and viral movements from YouTube-videos. All this – against the backdrop of chaos, shooting and panic. People run in different directions, someone is thrown off the top floor, and teenagers stand aside and take everything off on smartphones. In the opinion of journalists, Glover showed the attempts of Americans to get distracted from everything bad that surrounds them.


One of the most discussed scenes of the clip is an episode with the execution of a church choir. Donald Glover looks at the parishioners singing his song, and then takes up the Kalashnikov assault rifle and kills them. This is a reference to shooting at the church in Charleston, where nine people were killed. As in the scene with a gun, Childish Gambino hands over a weapon to a dark-skinned teenager who takes it very carefully – the authors show the love of US residents for “firearms.”

After the death of the parishioners Glover passes by an empty police car, which became a hint at the uselessness of law enforcement in the United States.


At the end, Glover runs away from several people: in social networks , they were supposed to be policemen who saw a performer smoking marijuana in the previous scene. At this time, the lines from rapper Young Thug sound: “You’re just black in this world.”


The clip “This Is America” ​​has been widely discussed for several days in social networks. Basically, users appreciated the video from Childish Gambino, calling the musician a “genius”.

“If you want to find the scene with the church exaggerated, then think of Charleston. Also, I note that [black] bodies were left on the floor, when they took the weapons with respect and care “

“Donald Glover became what we wanted to see Kanye in 2018”
Frames from the video went to jokes – users Reddit and Twitter took as a basis the scene with the church choir and moved it to various everyday and historical situations.

“Most countries in the world are British”

“Motivation to leave the comfort zone and cope with problems – I / self-pity”

“Heyters – I / kindness”

“LGBT – Che Guevara // Socialism in theory and socialism in practice”

“Hitler – Poland – Stalin”

“I’m incognito mode in the browser – strange porn” “Avengers – Thanos”


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