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Users noticed in the “VKontakte” search by number through the contacts on the phone. Function exists since 2013

Those who fear for their safety, can turn off the option in the privacy settings.

Several users and communities have noticed in VKontakte the function of finding profiles by phone number from the contact list. They drew attention to the option after the publications on Pikabu and Yaplakal . To search through contacts, you need:

  • Go to the “Friends” section of the phone;
  • Click on “+”;
  • In the “Import Friends” tab, select “Contacts”.

The authors of the records complained that import contacts can be used to create databases for spammers and deanonimize users . They added that the function can be disabled in the privacy settings.

The function has existed for several years, but to hide the number was allowed recently

“VKontakte” added the function of importing contacts from the phone into the social network about five years ago. In 2013, search in the notebook appeared in the application on Android, and in 2015 – for iOS and Windows Phone .

Representatives of “VKontakte” in a conversation with told that the opportunity to hide the number appeared in the settings “earlier this year”, but did not specify when. Users, for example, wrote about this in April 2018.

Also in the press service of the social network assured that they imposed a limit on the number of requests for imports of contacts per day. VKontakte is sure that the user will not be able to receive a link to the desired page each time he adds a new phone number .

After importing “VKontakte” does not display a pair of “user-phone number”. In addition, in order to maximally secure users from deannonization, the import results display not only the familiar ones from the phone book, but also several profiles of similar users, so it’s quite difficult to define a specific user in this way.

Press office of VKontakte

How to hide your number from the search for contacts in “VKontakte”

  • Go to the page settings;
  • Select the “Privacy” item;
  • In the “Who can find me when importing contacts by number” item, select “None”.

In November 2015, Facebook users noticed a similar function: they could “punch” the number of an unknown person in the social network and get on his page. Soon the administration of Facebook limited the number of requests with checking the numbers.

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