Unmanned Volvo UCber Volvo XC90 “decided” to knock off the cyclist because of the software settings

In Uber, the probable cause of the fatal crash involving a tested unmanned Volvo XC90 and a bicyclist was identified. The incident occurred in March, a little later the parties reached an agreement without involvement of the court. According to The Information, the cause of the accident can be related to the software settings.

The sensors of the autonomous car recorded the appearance on the road in the darkness of the woman, however, a command was given to ignore the obstacle and not to turn aside. The system either attributed the presence of an object on the road to false alarms, or considered that the trajectories of the car and the women with the bicycle do not intersect.

Behind the wheel of the car under test was a man who had to take action to prevent such a situation. However, one can not say for certain that he had the opportunity to do so.

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