Uber showed a new concept of a flying taxi

Uber demonstrated at the Uber Elevate Summit the concept of a flying taxi, which is expected to begin shipping by 2023. The car is a hybrid of an airplane and a helicopter and resembles a giant passenger drone. Propeller-driven engines are installed to provide lift for vertical take-off and landing, as well as horizontal movement-all with five motors.

In the event of a single engine failure, the other four can provide a safe flight. The flying machine will use electric motors and move at an altitude of 300 to 600 meters. The noise level of such a “taxi” will be significantly lower than that of a helicopter: it is claimed that it will be twice as quiet as trucks.

Flying Uber taxis will run between sites on land on high-rise ports – for example, roofs of buildings. At first, people will fly by piloting aircraft, then automation will take care of themselves.

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