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Triple camera smartphone will be a trend in 2019

Chinese company Huawei signed up for the trendetters, launching this year a flagship smartphone with a triple camera on the rear panel. And other smartphone manufacturers are not going to ignore this. According to GSMArena , Apple’s plans already include an apparatus with a similar number of cameras.

But it will not be released until the second half of 2019. This year, Apple will not risk introducing innovative ideas into the iPhone line, which, for a start, should have been tapped into its modern appearance. From Chinese sources it is known that such a camera system will make a fivefold zoom on a future smartphone. Naturally, it will be the most expensive in the line of 2019.

However, the time before its announcement, fashion and trends can still change. Who knows, suddenly by 2019 the main attribute of the flagship smartphone will be a camera module with five lenses.

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