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The Prosecutor’s Office of New York sued Harvey Weinstein because of complaints about sexual harassment

The lawsuit contains specific complaints about threats of murder and harassment.

Harvey Weinstein. Getty Images

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed suit against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, his brother Bobby Weinstein and Weinstein Company. According to the accusations, the company abused the attitude towards employees and repeatedly could not protect them from sexual harassment.

The investigation lasted about four months. During this time, the prosecutor’s office interviewed employees of the company, its managers and persons who survived Harvey Weinstein’s harassment. To the case are attached e-mails and records of the activities of the Weinstein Company.

As the New York Times emphasizes , the prosecutor’s office announced a lawsuit on the day of the alleged sale of the Weinstein Company, foiling the deal. The company since October 2017 is trying to avoid bankruptcy.

The complaint included numerous complaints of harassment, intimidation and other violations of rights. It is alleged that Weinstein Company ignored workers’ requests, including that Weinstein required sexual contacts in exchange for promotion or allowed himself liberties.

Harvey Weinstein said to several employees at the same time: “I’ll kill you”, “I’ll kill your family,” “You do not know what I’m capable of,” and other phrases that affect people in a similar way. Weinstein explained that he has connections with influential politicians and claimed that he has contacts in the Secret Service, where they can take care of problems.

example of violation of rights from the prosecutor’s claim

One day in 2015, Harvey Weinstein asked the Weinstein Company employee to come to his hotel room to set up his phone and other devices, or for some other supposedly working reason. The staff called it “room service”. When she came into the room, she saw that there was only a robe from Weinstein’s clothes. Harvey asked the employee to do the massage, but when she refused, the producer insisted that she did the massage, fearing that this would affect her job placement.

example of violation of rights from the prosecutor’s claim

On the orders of Harvey Weinstein, Weinstein Company hired a group of girls whose main task was to accompany Harvey at the events. They were supposed to contribute to his image as a sex conqueror.

example of violation of rights from the prosecutor’s claim

Weinstein asked the employee to write down some text from his words and, while she was doing it, he stroked her naked on her bed in a nude. The same employee described how she sat with the producer in the back seat of the car, and without his consent he laid his hand on her hip and buttocks and stroked them.

example from the prosecutor’s claim

Against the backdrop of a sex scandal that erupted after the materials of The New York Times and The New Yorker, Weinstein was fired from the Weinstein Company. Producer denied his guilt about all the actresses and other girls who brought charges against him.

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