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Roskomnadzor reported on unlocking more than 3.7 million Google IP-addresses

The Office said it continues to restrict access to Telegram.

Roskomnadzor said that it removed six subnets of Google cloud service and more than 3.7 million IP-addresses from the registry of prohibited sites in order to avoid restricting access to “respectable” Internet resources. The agency explained its actions by “ensuring the stable operation” of third-party sites.

Employees of the agency block IP addresses of hosting providers for the sake of limiting access to Telegram. In Roskomnadzor noted that the IP-addresses of the messenger, which are part of these subnets, “fully installed and continue to be blocked.”

In the Telegram channel Rknshowtime, which monitors the replenishment of the registry, it is reported that we are talking about five subnets Google and one DigitalOcean. Including blocking is removed from IP, including those belonging to, and At 15:00 Moscow time, the percentage of unlocked addresses was 25.5%.

10.8 million
IP-addresses remained in the register of forbidden sites of Roskomnadzor

The locks started on April 16 according to the decision of the Tagansky District Court, which was taken because of the messenger’s refusal to provide the FSB with encryption keys. On April 28, Roskomnadzor has already unblocked more than 3 million IP-addresses of Amazon.

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