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Putin instructed to ensure Russia getting into the top 5 economies of the world. The media noticed that he promised it for 10 years already

As of 2017, Russia is inferior to the United States and China, and does not even enter the top ten.

Putin at a plenary meeting in the State Duma. Photo of Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Putin at a plenary meeting in the State Duma. Photo of Rossiyskaya Gazeta

On May 7, Vladimir Putin signed a decree on measures the government should take until 2024. Including in the document there is a point on which the president has obliged the government to ensure Russia’s entry into the top 5 economies of the world. As noted by journalist Julia Davis, Putin promises to achieve this figure at least for the fourth time in 18 years as president.

2007 – the promise for 2017

In November 2007, as part of his speech at the “Putin Supporters Forum” and on the eve of the parliamentary elections, the president said that for Russia entering the top ten largest economies of the world is “far from the limit”. According to him, while maintaining the course, Russia will enter the top five by 2017.

Independent experts, both in our country and abroad, are absolutely sure: if the current course of development of the country continues, the growth rate of the economy will continue – Russia within 10 years is able to enter the top five of the world’s leading economies. And we will definitely do it.

Vladimir Putin

2011 – the promise for 2021

In June 2011, speaking at the 100th session of the International Labor Conference, Putin announced the “complete overcoming” of the crisis recession by the end of 2011. According to him, Russia will enter “the five largest economies of the world” by 2021.

We set ourselves an ambitious task: for the next decade to introduce Russia into the five largest economies of the world, and per capita GDP – to rise from the current 19.7 thousand dollars to more than 35 thousand dollars per person.

Vladimir Putin

2012 – the promise for 2015

In 2012, speaking before the State Duma on the eve of a new presidential term, Putin promised that Russia would take one of five places among the world’s largest economies by 2015. According to him, for this it is necessary to “make favorable” the investment climate and increase the GDP index.

According to our estimates, in the next two to three years Russia will become one of the five largest economies in the world.

Vladimir Putin

2018 – a promise for 2025

In March, before assuming the presidency, Putin said that Russia should enter the top five of the world’s largest economies “by the middle of the next decade.” He added that it is also important to achieve improvement in the level and average life expectancy.

Russia should not only firmly gain a foothold in the five largest economies of the world, but by the middle of the next decade to increase GDP per capita by half. This is a very difficult task. I’m sure we are ready to solve this problem.

Vladimir Putin

In 2017, Russia is not even in the top ten economies of the world

According to the World Bank’s financial organization report for 2017, Russia accounts for about 2% of the world economy and is not included in the top 10 countries in this indicator.

The top 5 largest economies in the world as of 2017:

  • The United States – 24.3%;
  • China – 14.8%;
  • Japan – 5.9%;
  • Germany – 3.4%;
  • Great Britain – 2.9%.
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