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Prosecutor General of New York resigned after accusations of violence against women

He advocated the preservation of network neutrality and sued Harvey Weinstein because of harassment.

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New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigned after accusing him of beating up women with whom he had a relationship. On the eve of The New Yorker published an article with the testimony of four former partners against the official.

According to 64-year-old Schneiderman, he leaves his post because of accusations that he does not agree with, but understands that they will prevent him from working further. He added that it was “honor and pride” for him to serve in New York State.

On May 7, The New Yorker published an article in which former sex partners of Schneiderman told of the beatings and intimidation of the prosecutor. They described the events of 2013-2017, but did not appeal to the police, as the official threatened them. Only two women out of four agreed to reveal their names.

Previously, Schneiderman publicly supported the action #MeToo and filed a lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein because of complaints about sexual harassment. The prosecutor is known for the investigation against the winding up of comments for the abolition of network neutrality. He also filed a lawsuit to charge paid subscribers in social networks after media articles.

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