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Post on facebook helped veterans get to the parade

We wanted better, but it turned out as always. Today, I witnessed a story that could well draw a scandal, ending all a little differently.

Some charitable office decided to bring veterans to Moscow so that they could attend the parade, but did not bother with the question of their getting to the rostrum. I was personally surprised by the fact that veterans generally need a ticket for passage to the parade. Probably philanthropists, too.

In the end, after the trip, quite a life-threatening 90-year-old grandfathers, the veterans were told that they would watch the parade on TV in the hotel.

But everything ended well – the post on facebook showed who should and the problem was quickly resolved .

It is interesting, but is there any responsibility for charitable organizations?

Interestingly, and the post say Vkontakte would work as well?

Interestingly, and did not try to call the city hall?

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