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Musk came to the ball with the singer Grimes. It seems that they came together, independently of each other inventing the same joke about evil AI

He came up with a joke for Twitter, but before the publication found out that three years ago she had already played the Canadian in her song. And wrote to her.

Elon Musk and Claire Boucher on Met Gala. Photos of Variety
Elon Musk and Claire Boucher on Met Gala. Photos of Variety

May 7, 2018 in New York was the annual ball of the Institute of Costume Met Gala, which often come to fashion stars. The guest of the event was the head of Tesla and SpaceX companies, 46-year-old Elon Musk – he came along with the 30-year-old Canadian indie singer Grimes, whose real name is Claire Boucher. As American tabloids write , the reason for dating the couple on the Internet was a joke about artificial intelligence, which they invented independently of each other.

At about the beginning of April, Musk decided to tweet a joke about the thought experiment ” Basilisk Rock “, posted on the website of the Internet community Less Wrong. They discuss the optimization of thinking through the principles of mathematics and rationality, and the creators of the site are considered famous people in the movement of techno-futurism.

The author of “Basilisk” was a user with the name Roko, here is the essence of the experiment: what if in the future there will be an evil and powerful artificial intelligence that will forever avenge those who interfered with its creation? Is it worth it to help him to come into the world or to prevent it, but to risk being condemned to eternal torment?

Musk, known for his rhetoric about the need to strictly monitor the possibilities and power of the artificial intelligence of the future, wanted to eclipse the phrase “Basilisk Rococo”, combining the name of the experiment and the rococo style in art. As the tabloid sources say, the head of Tesla did not immediately publish a joke, but checked to see if someone else had invented it: so he stumbled on a clip of Grimes for the song “Flesh Without Blood” in 2015. In it Claire Boucher appears in the image of a girl named Basilisk Rococo, who is doomed to eternal torment by artificial intelligence, and dances in the costumes of the time of Marie Antoinette.

After that, Musk wrote to Bush about the joke. The girl who left school for the sake of her musical career answered that he was the first person in the last three years who understood the joke laid in the name of the heroine of the video. After that, they began to publicly communicate on Twitter – Grimes rejoiced that Musk listened to the song of hip-hop artist Post Malone, and the inventor joked that comets consist of cocaine.

“I’m glad that you’re finally listening to cyberpunk speedway, ha-ha-ha”

“Great for sounding when I’m riding on my dragon-cyborg”

Later, the singer removed her tweet about “comets from cocaine”

“Yes, many do not know, but comets for the most part consist of cocaine”

“Invite her already on a date, Ilon”

A few hours before Met Gala, Musk without explanations wrote on the Twitter “Basilisk Rococo” referring to the page on “Wikipedia.” As the journalists noted, Bush put on a choker, similar to the emblem of Tesla, to the ball.

Getty Photos
Getty Photos

In the past, Musk, who brings up his five sons, also did not hesitate to tell the public about his personal life. In November 2017, during an interview, he openly talked about relations with actress Amber Hurd, with whom he parted shortly before. “I was really in love and I was very hurt,” said the inventor. He added that if he is not in love and he does not have a partner for long-term relationships, then he can not be completely happy.

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