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Musk and Zuckerberg argue in absentia about the dangers of artificial intelligence

One called AI a threat to humanity, another asked not to dramatize.

Autopilot Tesla
Autopilot Tesla

In mid-July, a dispute broke out between the heads of two major IT companies: Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. The head of Tesla said that for mankind “the main threat” is artificial intelligence. Then the creator of Facebook called his words “rather irresponsible.”

“It will be too late”

July 15, Musk spoke before the US governors and said that the rapid development of AI can lead to unemployment and even war. He suggested creating an agency that would collect information about this and in the future could become a regulator in the field of artificial intelligence.

While people do not see robots killing people on the streets, they do not know how to react, because it seems unrealistic to them. AI is the case when we need to be active in regulation, not reactive. When it will be necessary to react to AI, it will be too late.

Elon Musk
head of Tesla and SpaceX

“It’s irresponsible, it’s negative”

July 24, Mark Zuckerberg answered questions from Facebook users. One of them mentioned that he was watching the interview of Musk about the danger of developing artificial intelligence and asked what the founder of the social network thinks about it.

I have a pretty confident opinion on this matter. I am optimistic.

And skeptics who try to draw attention to the scenario of the “judgment day”, I do not understand them. This is negative, and to some extent, on their part it is irresponsible.

In the next 5-10 years, artificial intelligence will offer several improvements for your life.

Mark Zuckerberg
creator of Facebook

“Understanding is limited”

July 25 Musk wrote a short tweet in response to the statement of Zuckerberg, in which he explained that he understands far from everything.

I talked to Mark about it. His understanding of the subject is limited.

Elon Musk
head of Tesla and SpaceX

Third wheel

On July 19, the founder of the robot company iRobot Rodney Brooks intervened . According to robotics, Musk does not quite understand how artificial intelligence works.

There are many people who believe that AI is an important threat to humanity: Stephen Hawking, astrophysicist Martin Rees, who wrote about this book, but they all do not do the main thing – do not work with AI on their own.

Those who work with AI know how hard it is to achieve that at least something really works at the level of the finished product.

Rodney Brooks
head of iRobot
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