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MTProto server for everyone

Another way in the piggy bank ways to bypass the Telegram lock.

A few weeks ago, in the test versions of Telegram, in addition to the usual SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies, the MTProto protocol appeared. Previously, there was no information about public servers that provide the ability to connect to them using the new protocol, but the MadelineProto team provided a solution for quickly creating their own MTProto server.

At the moment, the new protocol is available only in beta and alpha versions of applications. To connect, you must select the MTPROTO protocol in the settings and specify the parameters of the test server from the developers of MadelineProto.

Port: 6666
Secret: 4b3e3c2f99046f92a61bab6775848577 
A link to automatically apply the settings.

Note: The server may be unavailable due to a large number of connections. If the test server does not work, try one of the options offered in the Telegram channel @ MTProtoProxies .

Any linux user can easily deploy their own MTProto server. To do this, execute several commands:

We upload the server executive file

Let’s execute the right
chmod + x mtproxyd

Run the server
./mtproxyd pony 6666 
Instead of pony, you can specify any string. This parameter is used to generate a secret key using the md5 algorithm. 
Instead of 6666, you can specify any port, at your discretion.

After that, a secret key will be displayed on the screen, which you specify when you connect.

The advantages of MTProto before SOCKS5 are the difficulty of blocking it by its providers and the speed of work. The decision from MadelineProto is not official, I suggest using it only for testing and waiting for the full implementation of the MTProto server from the Telegram team.

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