Ministry of Transport has shown a test of unmanned “Kamaz” near the Crimean bridge

The trucks drove through the junction, took into account the road signs, traveled around the obstacles and accelerated to 40 km / h.

The Ministry of Transport told about the first tests of unmanned Kamaz on the route Novorossiysk – Kerch near the Crimean bridge. Earlier, the Ministry of Transport only announced tests of trucks, and now published the first report.

On the road, five cars were released, which moved according to the individual program, and inside the developers were sitting to monitor what was happening. Judging by the photo, unmanned passenger cars were driving with the “Kamaz”, in one of which sat the acting officer. Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov.

Trucks dispersed to 40 kilometers per hour, drove through the junction, rebuilt, took into account traffic signs and traveled around the barriers. Deviation from the direction of movement was 3-5 centimeters.

The vehicles showed high quality of maneuvering and uninterrupted functioning of the high-precision satellite positioning system, as well as the “machine vision” system, which provides detection and recognition of objects, marking, road signs and situation analysis.

Ministry of Transport

According to the federal project “Caravan”, unmanned trucks should appear on roads throughout Russia by 2035. The cost of research work in the company was estimated at 5-6 billion rubles, and the launch of mass production – 12 billion rubles.

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